Oceanhorn Mod Apk

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App NameOceanhorn
DeveloperFDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
GenreRole Playing
Size247 MB
Mod FeatureUnlocked All, Free Shopping
Last Updated25 October, 2022

Oceanhorn Mod Apk: It is a great role-playing game. The most popular game is played all around the world. The gameplay is very easy to understand. It is actually the role of the boy who is crossing the ocean and feels the danger to find mysteries. Million of downloads of this amazing game. Its attractive features also enhance most players. It is such an adventurous game. You may take to explore the noble caves, huge ocean or the antique village. The main goal is to fight against the sea monster that is the oceanhorn. In this article, we discuss the exciting features of oceanhorn mod apk latest version game. You must need to play this great game. Download and enjoy it!

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The Story of Oceanhorn Mod Apk

The story of the Oceanhorn mod apk Unlimited health game is that you are a young boy who lives in the ocean. Your home is a boat that you have to upgrade to become stronger and bigger. The people who live in your town are friendly and helpful, but there are some bad guys out there who want to take over your town. You will have to use your skills to fight them off.

You can upgrade your boat with different types of ships, cannons, and other equipment. You can also buy new weapons from the black market. There are many different missions for you to complete in each level, like collecting items or taking out certain enemies.

Modified Features of Oceanhorn Mod Apk

Unlock New Weapons

Unlocking weapons is a very important part of the game. If you are not able to unlock a weapon, then you can’t use it in battle and will be at the mercy of your enemies.

There are different ways to unlock new weapons in the game. Complete certain quests, such as destroying all enemy ships or completing all the levels on your own. You can buy them with real money (in-app purchases).

Many Dangerous Monsters

Many dangerous monsters in the game. The island is full of dangerous creatures that you need to fight. Each creature has its own special abilities, so you need to learn how to fight with each one. There are also many traps on the island, so be careful when you go exploring.

Oceanhorn Mod Apk

Experience the Adventurous Journey

The players are a group of pirates who have set sail in search of treasure. They are on a small ship and they have to make their way through the sea and reach their destination as quickly as possible.

The goal is to collect as much gold as possible, but there are also other items that can be found on the path. These include gems and pearls, which are used to buy upgrades for your weapons, or even buy more ships so that you can travel faster.

Oceanhorn Mod Apk

Get Exclusive Rewards

The game is a mixture of action and adventure, in which you can explore the world and its wonders. You must help the ship to find its way through the ocean, fighting against enemies and solving puzzles. You will get to visit many beautiful places, in search of treasure and new treasures. And get more rewards in the form of money, gold, gems, and other things.

Oceanhorn Mod Apk

Awesome 3D Graphics

The game has awesome 3D graphics of the game which makes it look so realistic that you feel like you are there on board the Arcadia.

The game Oceanhorn mod apk full version is a 3D action game that focuses on the voyage of a young boy named Aran. In this game, you will explore the open sea and its islands while fighting against enemies and solving puzzles. The plot of the game revolves around how Aran tries to find his father who disappeared while trying to save his people from a mysterious storm that threatens their lives.

Oceanhorn Mod Apk

What’s new in this mod version of Oceanhorn?

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlocked All
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Bug fixes
  • Optimized gameplay

How to install Oceanhorn game?

There is no difficulty to download the oceanhorn mod game. Simply follow these steps:

  • Click the download button below.
  • Download the file and wait for completion.
  • Allow unknown resources from settings.
  • Install the game on your device.
  • Open the game.
  • Enjoy!

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In conclusion, Oceanhorn mod apk is a great way for you to relax and enjoy yourself. I think it’s one of the best games ever made. If you like adventure games and simulation games then this is the game for you. It’s a lot of fun and it’s very addicting.


What are the controls in Oceanhorn?

You will use WASD or arrow keys to move around, use left click on objects or enemies to interact with them, and use E to open your inventory.

Are there any in-game purchases?

There are no in-game purchases. The game is free to play and you can enjoy it for as long as you want.

How do you get the whale?

You need to find the island as soon as possible because once you do, all the other islands will become marked on your map. The island is located in the middle of a sea and there are 4 different islands around it. Each island has a different type of resource, so you should try to collect them all and bring them back to your ship.

What happens if I don’t get the whale?

If you don’t get the whale after 3 days, then you will have to start over again from scratch.

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