Throne of Chosen Redeem Codes

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Throne of Chosen Redeem Codes: For Android and iOS, EskyfunUSA has created the simulation role-playing game Throne of the Chosen. As king of Troy, you have the authority to rule the city and expand it into a vast empire in order to prevent war from breaking out. To attract historical adherents from all over the world, including sultans and Vikings, use your intelligence and charm. Make history by determining their fate. Date gorgeous women and give your heir the tools to succeed! Play the game of kings and defeat your opponents to become the greatest emperor or empress ever.

Throne of Chosen Redeem Codes- February 2023

  • lw232437ca9a31876031 – Redeem this code and get free rewards 
  • lw29040aca6d9d3b15c5 – Redeem this code and get free rewards
  • lw286ed5313d94151193 – Redeem this code and get free rewards
  • Labor51 – Redeem this code and get rewards
  • lw258c612295fa43a5e7– Redeem this code and get free rewards
  • Earthday – Redeem this code and get free rewards. 
Throne of Chosen redeem Codes are not long – lasting. They are only redeemable for a short time, after which you will no more be getting the benefits.

How to redeem Throne of Chosen Codes?

  • Launch the game, then click the settings button in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Click the “Gift Code” button in the newly opened window.
  • In the “Enter your gift code” field, enter the codes we supplied above.
  • When you click the “Redeem” button, you will receive your reward in-game right away.

Throne of Chosen Tips and Tricks

  • Coins are one of the in-game incentives you can use to improve the traits of your followers.
  • Increase their stats by using potions, trade, and agriculture.
  • A facility can be enhanced using guides, books, or aptitude EXP by selecting it from the aptitude tab.
  • The follower’s skills can be upgraded with the use of skill EXP.
    Promote the followers with noble items to help them reach their highest level.
  • To increase talent levels, use star stones.
  • Most significantly, you will have female supporters.
  • To increase the follower’s stats, enhance the lady who is associated to them. On the next profile screen, you may see the woman icon next to his name.
  • For instance, Robert has a romantic relationship with his consort, “Helen.” Helen’s talent will increase if you do.

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